NBO Assessments

NBO Assessments

The Newborn Behavioural Observation (NBO) system is a tool designed to help parents and practitioners share together the fascinating uniqueness of a baby, through observation their behaviour, which is their language. As parents you will be supported in gaining skills and knowledge and in getting to now your new baby from birth to 3 months.The NBO Tool is a set of shared observations designed to help parents observe the baby's behaviour, taking time to observe and understand these signs, movements and responses, means understanding what that baby is saying, who they are, and what they dislike.

Key assumptions on which the NBO are based include

infants are social beings ready to communicate
babies communicate through their behaviour
infants communication is not random

The NBO can be used with babies from birth to 3 months old. There are 18 items in total that can be observed on the NBO. Each session is individual because yiu and the parents will be guided by the baby but it will typically cover capacity to habituate to light and sound(sleep protection) motor tone and activity level capacity for self regulation ( including crying and consoling) response to stress (indices of the infant's threshold for stimulation) visual auditory and social interactive capacities Observing these behaviours will show the baby's strengths and also identify the kind of support the baby needs. The observations can provide you with individulised guidance to offer parents. Parents who have completed the NBO with me really feel that they know their baby better and its increases the level of parent and baby engagement.

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