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The Human Givens therapeutic approach focuses on meeting innate emotional needs using practical and evidence based methods.

This approach can be particularly beneficial for expectant and new parents with ADHD in several ways.

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Understanding and addressing Emotional Needs

The Human Givens approach emphasises the importance of meeting essential emotional needs which include :

  • Security – ensuring a safe environment
  • Attention – receiving attention from others and giving it in return
  • Autonomy and Control – feeling a sense of control over one’s life.
  • Emotional connection – Having a close relationship with at least one other person.
  • Community – feeling part of a wider community
  • Privacy – Having space and time to reflect
  • Status – feeling valued by others
  • Achievement – Having a sense of competence and achievement
  • Meaning and purpose – Finding meaning in life and engaging in activities that have purpose

For parents with ADHD understanding these needs can help them identify areas where they might struggle and implement strategies to address these gaps.

Practical techniques for Managing ADHD symptoms

The Human Givens approach to therapeutic support for parents or parents to be can support in the following ways

Guided imagery and visualisation

Using relaxation techniques to reduce anxiety and increase focus 

Pattern matching

Helping parents recognise unhelpful patterns of behaviour and thought and replace them with more adaptive ones.

Mindfulness and Relaxation Exercises

Helping parents and parents to be learn and practice techniques to improve concentration and reduce stress.

Enhancing parenting skills

Parents with ADHD might face unique challenges such as impulsivity, inattention, and difficulty with organisation.

The Human Givens Approach offers strategies to improve parenting skills

  • Routine and Structure

Establishing predictable routines can help manage the chaos and reduce stress for both the parent and the child

  • Time management

Techniques to prioritise tasks and manage time effectively

  • Emotional regulation

Learn ways to manage emotional responses which is crucial in parenting

Support and Community

The Human Givens approach emphasises the importance of being part of a community and accessing support systems.

For new parents with ADHD connecting with other parents or support groups can provide

  • Validation and understanding – sharing experiences with others who understand their challenges
  • Advice and resources – gaining practical advice and resources from those who have similar experiences
  • Emotional support – reducing feelings of isolation by being part of a community

Building resilience

The Human Givens Approach helps build resilience by :

  • Developing Problem Solving Skills

Encouraging practical and creative problem solving techniques

  • Fostering positive relationships

Strengthening relationships with partners, family and friends to create a supportive environment

  • Promoting self care

Emphasising the importance of self care practice to maintain physical and mental health.

Therapeutic Interventions

For parents struggling significantly with ADHD, the Human Givens Approach offers therapeutic interventions that are brief and solution focused.

  • Identify unmet needs – through discussion and assessment, identifying which emotional needs are not being met
  • Create action plans – developing practical steps to meet these needs
  • Short term therapy – using solution focused therapy to address specific issues quickly and effectively

By addressing the innate emotional needs and providing practical tools for managing ADHD symptoms, The HG approach can help expectant and new parents with ADHD create a more stable supportive and nurturing environment for their children and themselves.

The Human Givens approach can support parents and parents to be using practical and evidence based methods.

If you’d like to find out more I offer a free, 15-minute consultation by phone or on Zoom, this is an opportunity for you to ask any questions and see if we might be a good fit.