Birth trauma

The Rewind technique is used by Human Givens therapists to treat all forms of trauma- including birth trauma.

It works by reducing the emotional impact of traumatic memories without requiring the mother (father, or anyone affected by the birth trauma- midwife, doula or birth partner) to discuss the trauma in any detail- unless they want to discuss what happened.

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The Rewind technique- How it works ?

1 – Relaxation and safe space

The process begins with the therapist guiding the individual into a deeply relaxed state.

This can be achieved through techniques like guided visualisation, deep breathing or progressive muscle relaxation.

The therapist helps the individual visualise a safe place where they feel calm and secure.

2 – Dissociation

While in this relaxed state the individual is asked to imagine watching a movie of their traumatic birth experience.

This creates a level of dissociation meaning the individual views the event as an observer rather than re experiencing it directly.

This step is crucial as it reduces the emotional intensity associated with the memory.

3 – Fast Forward and Rewind

The individual is guided to imagine “fast forwarding through the traumatic event from start to finish, and then rewinding “ it back to the beginning multiple times.

The goal is to disrupt the way the brain processes the traumatic memory, making it less vivid and emotionally charged.

4 – Safe ending visualistion

After the repetitive viewing, the individual is encouraged to imagine a positive and safe ending to the “movie”.

This might involve visualising the outcome they desired or a peaceful resolution.

5 – Return to the present

Finally the therapist helps the individual gradually return to the present moment, bringing them out of the relaxed state and back to full awareness.

Benefits of the rewind technique for alleviating Birth Trauma

Reduces emotional distress

By repeatedly viewing the traumatic memory in a dissociated and controlled manner, the emotional impact is diminished.

This helps individuals feel less overwhelmed by the memory.

Non intrusive

Unlike some therapeutic techniques, the rewind technique does not require detailed recounting of the trauma.

This makes it less invasive and more comfortable for many individuals


The technique helps individuals feel more in control of their memories and emotions, which can be particularly empowering for those who feel helpless or out of control due to their traumatic experience.

Quick and effective

Many individuals experience significant relief form symptoms after just a few session, making it a relatively quick, effective gentle way of helping parents to heal after the trauma of a difficult birth.

This helps to prevent depression or anxiety from developing and allows parents to enjoy those first precious months and weeks with their babies as their mental health and wellbeing is quickly restored.


The Rewind Technique offers a gentle effective way to process and alleviate the symptoms of birth trauma. It works by changing the way traumatic memories are stored and accessed in the brain, reducing their emotional intensity without the need for the individual to relive the trauma in detail.

This method can be particularly beneficial for individuals seeking a gentle, non intrusive and effective way to overcome the effects of birth trauma.



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