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What are your fees and how do I pay?

You can pay by cash, card or online. Your invoice will be sent to you after every session.

Where do you see your clients for counselling sessions?

I can offer clients the opportunity to see me at my private practice in north London, and there’s on-street parking available. I can also arrange to meet with you on Zoom or over the phone. You can do a mixture of face to face and online/phone sessions if that works best for you.

How long are your sessions and how often do I need to come?

Sessions are usually 60 minutes. It’s recommended that the initial session is 90 minutes. The human givens approach aims to help return you to a life that works well for you as quickly as possible. You’ll be in control of your sessions and there’s no need to pre-book a course of sessions. We’ll discuss and review as we go.

Do you do online therapy?

Yes, I can see you online via Zoom or Whatsapp video, and this can work very well. Please contact me for details.

How long will I be in therapy?

I can’t tell you exactly how long your therapy will last. However, the aim of the human givens approach is to get you feeling better as soon as possible, so therapy is not prolonged or costly.

Are you able to treat trauma?

Yes, I can help you overcome your trauma, however long ago it was. The human givens approach has a very effective treatment called the Rewind technique, which is used to treat trauma. We use the Rewind technique because it’s safe, gentle, quick and effective, and you don’t have to tell your therapist the details of what happened if you don’t want to. It’s not necessary for the treatment.

Will we need to spend time going over my childhood?

The sessions we have together focus on today and the future. From time to time, things may come up that are relevant to what’s going on right now, and we’ll of course look at them. Deeper issues may well involve some look at the past, but the majority of our time spent together will look towards the future, gaining new skills and insights.

Will you share any tools and resources?

Yes, absolutely. The human givens approach is all about practical actions that can help you feel better as soon as possible, including after the very first session. I’ll share tools, exercises and resources to be able to help you move forward as quickly as possible. This might include breathing exercises, helping you learn how to relax, using guided imagery, sharing the human givens framework around our needs and resources.

We’ll use a tool called Rehearsal within our sessions, which is the bridge between the therapy session and your everyday life. Using the Rehearsal tool, I can help you to gain confidence in new situations and settings, and practise new behaviours moving forward.

Will I be given homework in between my counselling sessions?

Yes, sometimes. We may agree on tasks that’ll help to move your progress in the right direction between sessions. Reporting back on how this went will be part of your therapy.

Do you have disabled access?

My practice room is located on the ground floor with easy access for anyone with mobility difficulties.

Is your service confidential?

Yes, our sessions are confidential. There are two exceptions to this:

  1. If you or someone else are considered to be at risk. In this instance, I’d always discuss this with you at length before speaking to anyone else.
  2. Every counsellor affiliated to a professional organisation is required to have monthly supervision. During supervision, I discuss my client work with my supervisor, so I can help my clients as fully as possible. Confidentiality and client anonymity are preserved here, too.

What are your qualifications?

I have a 2:1 BSC in Psychology from Bristol University and a Master’s in Health Psychology from the University of Surrey.

I also did a Diploma in Counselling at Oxford University and I have a Diploma in Psychotherapy with the Human Givens Institute. The Human Givens Institute is accredited by the Professional Standards Association (PSA), the same body that governs BACP.

I’m fully insured in clinical supervision and have a clear, enhanced DBS status. I continue to take regular CPD, which includes online courses, in-person courses and workshops, books and other methods of studies.

If you’d like to find out more I offer a free, 15-minute consultation by phone or on Zoom, this is an opportunity for you to ask any questions and see if we might be a good fit.