Holistic Sleep Support

We know how important children’s sleep is, and we know the impact that sleep issues can have on the family home. Holistic sleep coaching promotes family centred care, using evidence-based healthcare advice, holistic wellness, nutrition and gentle parenting support to improve the sleep of our children.

The approach involves considering :

  • The child’s age, developmental stage, and what is considered normal according to evidence
  • The family context, including siblings, wider family, parental health, environment, and community
  • Emotional and mental health, anxiety and stress
  • Nutrition, allergy, intolerances, and feeding problems

Our gentle holistic sleep support packages are all tailored to suit the needs of each family. Do get in touch to discuss the sleep issues your baby or child may be having and how a bespoke package of care can help. Classes are held weekly and you can also book an individual class for you and your friends at your home.

Call us on 0333 014 7727, email us at info@marvellousmammas.co.uk or complete our online contact form.