Bonding with Baby Classes

Bonding with Baby Classes

Baby Bonding is a programme for parents, carers and their babies in waiting and babies(form 28+ weeks of pregnancy).

Being s 21st parent or carer is no easy task and yet it is the very thing we seem least prepared for .As new parents we are not always clear what is best for us and our children with so many experts, blogs, books, TV programmes, friends and family offering advice. Who do you listen to ?

Fortunately the research community has already provided reliable findings telling us which children do best across all areas of life. The evidence tells us considerably more about the types of family relationships children thrive in rather than the best parenting styles or behavioural approaches. In other words, it is the quality of relationships between parents and children that makes the most difference.

If you are interested in attending a class with other parents or would like one to one support either in person or online then do get in touch. call us on 0333 014 7727, email us on or complete our online contact form.

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