Pregnancy Relaxation & Stress Management

Relaxation sessions throughout our pregnancy and indeed beyond have been shown to have huge benefits for mother and her yet unborn baby. There is a growing body of research which shows how stress, anxiety and worry can adversely impact the wellbeing of our children in utereo. Pregnancy relaxation allows mothers some well deserved time out from problems, difficulties and responsibilities. During relaxation your body is provided with time to rest from the effects of any underlying stress and worry. Your baby or babies will gain a more relaxed mother and you will enjoy the benefits too. Once baby has arrived then self care is vital as we begin our motherhood journey. these sessions can be booked privately and are hugely helpful if you are feeling stressed, anxious or suffering depression. They are also a wonderful boost to out feelings of general wellbeing. If you have a group of friends at work who might enjoy a session in their dinner hour or after work or you and your birth partner would like to enoy a relaxation session then do get in touch..
Sessions are also held face to face in Marylebone and over Zoom. The first step is to either call us on 0333 014 7727, email us on or complete our online contact form.

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