Marvellous Mammas Agency

MarvellousMammas agency was set up by Christina who has herself worked as a maternity nurse and doula for many years. She fully understands the nature of the work and is keen to ensure you have support whilst on placement in your role. The agency will do its best to ensure you are valued in your role and provided with opportunities to progress in your career and  in your skills and training. As a valued member of the MarvellousMammas Community you will have access to meet ups, retreats, traning days and counselling support for you and the families you work with. 

 We are looking for the very best maternity nurses, night nannies , holistic sleep consutants, doulas and IBLCs. If you pride yourself on providing a high level of service , understand the importance of keeping up to date with evidence based research and enjoy your job then do get in touch with us. We would love to work with you.

We will need you to provide your CV, First Aid, DBS and Insurance Documents in the first instance. We will also need to speak to your references and carry out our screening process.

Once we have all the relevant documents and have spoken to your references we will arrange either a face to face interview or zoom call. You will then be able to join our private facebook group where you can meet and socialise with other professionals who are registered with the agency.   

If you are currently pregnant or have just given birth and require support do get in touch with us here at MarvellousMammas to discuss your requirements. We can provide you with the very best candidates who have been both screened and checked to the very highest standards in the industry. 

Call us on 0333 014 7727, email us on or complete our online contact form.

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