Congratulations! You have a new addition to the family, a wonderful bundle of joy, or maybe 2 or 3! But what happens now? Having a new life to care for can be overwhelming, whether a first-time parent or bringing a new baby into an existing family. There is so much to learn, so much to adjust to, new routines to develop and unexpected moments to deal with that no amount of planning could prepare you for.

They often say that raising a family is a situation where the kids are professionals, but the parents are amateurs, they just get on with it, but it’s all new to you. This is where hiring a professional maternity nurse could prove to be invaluable. Throughout the first few weeks or months of your baby’s life, they can help you to establish and maintain healthy sleep and feeding routines, show you how it is best to bathe and change baby and what to do or what to use if the baby has any symptoms, such as nappy rash, colic or reflux. They are the font of all knowledge having gained a lot of experience from the many families that they have worked with; from ensuring the room temperature is correct, which is so important for safe sleeping and preventing SIDS, to being able to guide feeding whether the mother has decided to breastfeed or bottle feed. If breastfeeding, an experienced maternity nurse is able to gauge very quickly what issues may be thereby reducing the stress for both mother and baby,  whether it be sore nipples, limited milk production, breast engorgement, mastitis, baby not latching on properly, a blocked milk duct, tongue tied baby etc. The maternity nurse will be able to advise which steps to take and how quickly they need to be taken to minimise any stress.

They also have a wide network of experts and they will be able to link you with the correct practitioner as required whether a masseur, chiropractor, breastfeeding consultant and more.

  • What is a maternity nurse?

A maternity nurse is a skilled baby professional who assists parents for the first weeks and months following the birth of your baby. They are able to assist from the moment baby is born allowing you, as new parents, the time to rest and recover from the birth and ease you into adjusting to those first few weeks and months as a family.

  • What are the benefits of hiring a maternity nurse?

Maternity nurses are experts, they’ve looked after many newborn babies and are able to pass on their vast knowledge in how to care for your baby. They provide support, show you how to care for your newborn baby from feeding, settling, sleeps and naps, bathing the baby and helping babies and parents cope with colic and reflux. They help you to understand your baby’s queues and what they are trying to tell you, how to deal with feeding issues and problems with sleeping. They will also usually take the baby overnight allowing you the time to sleep and rest properly. In addition to providing peace of mind they also allow the time for a little self-care, time to cook a favourite meal or even just to have a bath in peace, imagine!

  • How long is a maternity nurse required for?

Some maternity nurses live-in and can be on duty 24 hours a day (with a four-hour beak) up to six days a week.  Seven days a week is also an option and Marvellous Mammas has teams available to cover this. However, they also offer flexibility, and so are able to support you on certain days or just at certain times during the day. They will be able to support you in getting into a gentle or a more structured routine  depending on your family’s requirement in order to aid sleep and recovery time for you, and to help support your baby being happy and contented through the first period of life. This can be for a couple of weeks and up to a year as per your requirement. They will stay with you until such a time that you feel comfortable and confident in your new role as a parent.

  • Is hiring a maternity nurse expensive?

Maternity nurses are self-employed and therefore set their own rates. Their charges depend on their qualifications, knowledge and practical experience gained working with several individual families. We are here to provide support to our maternity nurses. The cost will vary from individual to individual, however the general starting rate is £250.00 per 24 hours for a less experienced maternity nurse up to £400.00 per 24 hours for an experienced nurse. It may be worth planning in advance for this and budgeting it into your birth plan. Or, if a live in, full-time maternity nurse isn’t an option for you, at Marvellous Mammas we can also provide nurses for day cover or night cover or a part time post-natal doula who can also help for shorter periods.

  • How does Marvellous Mammas ensure the quality and suitability of their maternity nurses?

Marvellous mammas prides itself on being more than a recruitment service. We know that you are entrusting your newborn baby into our care and choosing the right person to work with you is vital to your peace of mind. We take a more holistic and caring approach, getting to know each of our nannies and their specialties and personalities. We also take time to get to know you and then make a match.  We know that we need to be adaptable, approachable and supportive and we are used to working alongside a wide variety of families, with differing needs and from all cultures. We need to establish trusting relations quickly and effectively with parents who are sometimes feeling vulnerable, overwhelmed and anxious. This requires great listening skills, empathy, warmth and the ability to put plans and make changes quite quickly.


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