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I discovered the Human Givens approach as I searched for help to heal from the trauma I experienced as a young parent during my pregnancy, birth and in the early years as a lone parent.

I battled with the depression and anxiety that resulted from this trauma for many years.

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The HG approach enabled me to finally heal from this and gifted me the confidence and self belief to move forward with my life. 

I finally felt free and able to reconnect with feelings of joy and hope to move forward in life. My capacity and understanding of how to support as a parent grew and deepened.

Alongside this healing I found the framework and understanding of our emotional needs and resources upon which the teachings of HG were based so impactful, insightful and life changing that I knew I had to dedicate my life to helping as many new and expectant parents as possible experience this gift for themselves.

I realised the huge impact working with Human Givens therapy and introducing the Human Givens framework of emotional needs and resources could have on the lives of new and expectant parents It would equip them with a deep understanding of how both they and their children can meet their emotional needs to live both mentally and physically healthy lives moving forward.

Tired of everyday household mother sitting on floor with hands on face. Kid playing in messy room. Scaterred toys and disorder. Happy parenting.

How the Human Givens framework can help us as new and expectant parent

HG therapy helps us to build resilience, manage stress, gain coping skills, heal from trauma and feel more in control over our emotions. We are able to move towards a more balanced way of living.

It is my aim that all parents have access to this effective, practical and evidence based approach so that they can find healing, gain understanding and insights into how to maintain their own mental wellbeing so that they have the spare emotional capacity needed to meet the emotional needs of their babies children- thus ensuring our precious children grow up happy and healthy- equipped with the tools to lead a fulfilling, contented life.

My experience

I am a warm and compassionate qualified Human Givens psychotherapist and counsellor and have worked alongside parents, children and families in a number of social care settings including family centres, schools, nurseries and afterschool clubs, pupil referral units, mentoring services for at risk young people, children’s homes, and secure units.

My passion for supporting new and expectant parents led me to train first as a birth and postnatal doula and then as a hypnobirthing teacher, a Gentle Birth Teacher, a Holistic Sleep Consultant, Baby Massage teacher, Baby Brains Teacher and Mindfulness Breast feeding coach and many more as I saw the impact that knowledge and psycho education alongside care and compassion could have on how the pregnancies, birth and early experiences of mothers, fathers and birthing people unfolded.

It has been both a joy and priviledge to be alongside new and expectant parents at this life changing time in their lives.


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Tired of everyday household mother sitting on floor with hands on face. Kid playing in messy room. Scaterred toys and disorder. Happy parenting.

Why work with me ?

My training in both the file of maternal mental health provision alongside my knowledge and experience of supporting parents and expectant parents in pregnancy, at births and in the postpartum period provides me with a unique set of skills. I am able to blend and tailor my skills, knowledge, alongside my practical hands on experience to provide bespoke support that is tailored to your unique needs as a new parent or parent to be.

I am passionate about supporting you to alleviate distress, heal from trauma and to find ways to balance your emotional and physical needs to help you feel back in charge of your life quickly.

By using the Human Givens therapy tools alongside my professional experience in the field of antenatal, birth and postnatal care- we will work together to find a clear way forward – to a more balanced way of living.

You will be treated with kindness and compassion.

I look forward to welcoming you to my private practice in North London or working with you online.