Sleep deprived? Running on autopilot? Feeling like you’re not coping? Frantically googling for quick fixes and sleep solutions? This is a state of being familiar to all new parents, and yes, it is normal. All of a sudden, the pressure of looking after a new life can seem overwhelming and the lack of sleep certainly doesn’t help. No amount of baby books could have prepared you for the actual reality of having your bundle of joy home at home.

What if someone could wave a magic wand so that you could have someone there to teach you the ins and outs of caring for your baby? What if someone could help you to look after them in the middle of the night by tending to all the feeds and nappy changes and settling them in so that you can have a full night’s sleep and help you to establish a sleep schedule for them and you so that you are both managing to sleep, when they are developmentally ready, through the night moving forward?  We at Marvellous Mammas provide you with that magic wand. Hiring a night nanny can help you with all of the above. In addition, hiring a night nanny not only helps parents feel rested but it can help to support mental health at these anxious times. Being less stressed and less anxious helps to make happier families, ensures the ability to be alert at work and allows us to have patience with ourselves, with each other and with other children.

Below are some of the questions we are frequently asked.

  • What is a night nanny?

Night nannies are also known as new-born specialists, or maternity nurses who just work through the night. They work with you starting from when baby is born for a period of 8-12 weeks but can continue for longer if required. It is up to you to determine how long you need them for.

Most people are used to the concept of day nannies, helping you to support your children whilst you are at work but night nannies help support us with our newborn, very tiny babies in their first weeks and months, usually arriving in the evening and working a 10-hour shift or for up to 12 hours if required, leaving in the morning.

  • When should you hire a night nanny?

Night nannies are helpful for first-time parents and particularly for breastfeeding mums who are finding their way and need the appropriate support. They are also helpful for those who have had a C-Section and are finding it difficult getting in and out of bed, those suffering birth trauma, at risk of post-natal depression and anxiety and parents of twins or triplets, those who have had a difficult delivery or when both parents work full time.

  • What are the benefits of hiring a night nanny?

A good night’s sleep! Something that many new parents miss out on, leaving you feeling frazzled and as if you aren’t coping. They also help to teach you the ins and outs of caring for your baby, and work towards establishing a sleep schedule, invaluable for those of you planning to head back to work.  If you have a demanding career or are self-employed, having a night nanny will offer the support you need in helping baby and therefore you to have a good sleep.  They will also assist in ensuring that your baby sleeps through the night as soon as developmentally possible so that you can all get into the required routine.

  • How long is a night nanny required for?

Typically, newborn specialists will work with you for 8-12 weeks depending on your requirements.

  • Is hiring a night nanny expensive?

Night nannies/newborn specialists are self-employed and their rates do vary but on average they charge  GBP15ph to 30ph for twins. Some families who might find this a stretch but realise the value in the service, plan for this in the run up to the birth and have budget accordingly. Other options are to have a night nanny for a shorter period of time, alternate nights or for 3-4 nights a week. At Marvellous Mammas we have nannies of various rates to suit your budget. We also offer a gift voucher option so that, instead of buying baby paraphernalia, much of which never gets used, friends and family can buy you the gift of a night nanny for a couple of nights a week.

  • How does Marvellous Mammas ensure the quality and suitability of their night nannies?

Marvellous mammas prides itself on being more than a recruitment service. We know that you are entrusting your newborn baby into our care and choosing the right person to work with you is vital to your peace of mind. We take a more holistic and caring approach, getting to know each of our nannies and their specialties and personalities. We also take time to get to know you and then make a match.  We know that we need to be adaptable, approachable and supportive and we are used to working alongside a wide variety of families, with differing needs and from all cultures. We need to establish trusting relations quickly and effectively with parents who are sometimes feeling vulnerable, overwhelmed and anxious. This requires great listening skills, empathy, warmth and the ability to put plans and make changes quite quickly.

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