The Human Givens approach can be particularly beneficial during the postpartum phase.

As this holistic approach considers the needs of the whole person integrating the physical, emotional and psychological needs of the new mother. This holistic approach is particularly beneficial for postpartum women who may experience a range of interrelated issues.

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Helping mothers to meet their emotional and practical needs.

This approach is based on the idea that humans have innate emotional needs and resources, which, when met promote mental and emotional wellbeing. Here’s how Human Givens can help in the post partum phase.

Meeting Emotional Needs

One of our emotional needs is for emotional connection. New mothers often feel isolated. Human Givens therapy emphasises the importance of maintaining strong emotional connections with family and friends, helping to prevent feelings of loneliness and depression.

Another one of our emotional needs is for autonomy and control. In the post partum phase mothers can feel overwhelmed and out of control. The Human Givens approach offers techniques which can help mothers to regain control over their lives through practical problem solving and relaxation techniques.

We as humans also have a need for achievement and competence and new mothers can feel inadequate or unsure of their abilities as they navigate caring for a new baby for the first time.

Human Given therapy can help mothers to recognise and celebrate their achievements as they begin to bond with and get to know their baby. This can help to boost feelings of confidence and self belief.

Practical Interventions

Human Givens therapy offers several practical tools and strategies to new parents. Amongst these are

Guided imagery and relaxation

Techniques such as guided imagery and deep relaxation can help to manage stress and promote a sense of calm, which is crucial for new mothers adjusting to the demands of caring for a newborn

Pattern matching

Understanding how past experiences influence current reactions can help mothers identify and modify unhelpful patterns of thought and behaviour.

Emotional needs Audit

This tool is often used to help us identify the unmet emotional needs of parents and help them develop a plan to address them, fostering overall wellbeing.

Addressing common post partum issues

I can support to

  • Overcome depression
  • Manage stress, overwhelm and anxiety
  • Heal from birth trauma , breastfeeding trauma or grief
  • Gain control over OCD thoughts and behaviours
  • Release from anger
  • Build confidence and self reliance in your ability to care for your baby
  • Support the development of the positive identity as a new mother
  • Managing the demands of motherhood, balancing caregiving with selfcare and finding support and resources within the community

Support for partner and Family

The approach also recognises the importance of support systems and encourages the involvement of partners and family members in the therapeutic process, ensuring that they understand the emotional needs and how they can contribute to meeting them.

The Human Givens approach provides a comprehensive framework for supporting new mothers during the post partum phase by addressing their emotional needs, utilizing innate resources and offering practical interventions to enhance their overall well being.


If you’d like to find out more I offer a free, 15-minute consultation by phone or on Zoom, this is an opportunity for you to ask any questions and see if we might be a good fit.