Pregnancy & birth

The Human Givens approach can be particularly supportive during pregnancy and as we prepare for the birth of our babies.

It provides expectant parents with practical psychological tools and insights that promote their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing which in turn supports their pregnancy and also the health and wellbeing of their unborn baby or babies.

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Navigating pregnancy & preparing for birth

The Human Givens framework is built on the premise of ensuring that our basic emotional needs are met and that we are utilizing our innate resources effectively.

Here is how I can help you or someone you know navigate their pregnancy and help them prepare for the birth of their baby :

Women giving birth
  • Manage stress, anxiety and overwhelm
  • Help to overcome phobias of injections, medical procedures , tests or hospitals
  • Treat tokophobia(fear of birth)
  • Master low mood and depression
  • Release from feelings of anger
  • Freedom from addictions which may begin or resurface through pregnancy
  • Support you through the loss of a baby
  • Support with undertaking medical tests and diagnoses
  • Support to lone parents as they navigate their journey through pregnancy and birth
  • Treat trauma from past traumatic events including birth trauma , sexual or physical assault or childhood abuse
  • Manage pain, nausea or physical discomfort

Here is how the Human Givens Approach can help and support you


Emotional Needs Assessments

Understanding and meeting our emotional needs is central to the Human Givens approach and during pregnancy it is vital that our needs for security, attention, control and connection are satisfied.

This approach can guide expectant mothers and fathers in identifying and meeting these needs through supportive relationships, environments and choices over how and where they choose to give birth to their babies.


Building Resources

Supports expectant and new parents to gain an understanding of their innate resources such as imagination, memory, problem solving skills and rational thinking. Using these resources expectant mothers can be encouraged to visualise positive birth outcomes, use positive memories to boost mood and engage problem solving skills for managing challenges during pregnancy and planning for birth.

Visualisation techniques can also be employed to help expectant mothers mentally rehearse the birth, which can reduce fear and build confidence.

Post partum Planning

Preparing for the post partum period is also crucial. Human Givens can help in setting realistic expectations for the post partum phase., discussing strategies for meeting emotional needs during this time and planning for any potential challenges.

Managing anxiety and stress

Teaches new and expectant parents tools and techniques to help them manage stress, feelings of emotional overwhelm and anxiety. We use techniques such as guided imagery, breathwork and visualisations and relaxation alongside cognitive behavioural techniques and tools.

These techniques can be particularly beneficial for pregnant women dealing with the physiological and psychological changes of pregnancy as well as the fears and anxieties about childbirth and parenthood. This knowledge can be particularly comforting as hormonal changes during pregnancy can significantly affect mood and emotional regulation.


Creating a support system

Recognising the importance of social connections the Human Givens approach might focus on helping to build or reinforce a woman’s support network.

This can include strengthening relationships with partners, family and friends who will provide emotional and practical support through pregnancy and birth.

Happy mum smiling while holding new born baby

The Human Givens approach can support expectant parents to have a more informed, relaxed and positive experience of pregnancy and childbirth ultimately promoting better outcomes for both mother and child.

If you’d like to find out more I offer a free, 15-minute consultation by phone or on Zoom, this is an opportunity for you to ask any questions and see if we might be a good fit.