2 Day Online Baby Massage Training – 3rd&4th June 2021 or 3rd&4th October 2021


Developmental Baby Massage online intensive course with Peter Walker

3rd&4th June 2021 or 3rd&4th October 2021

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This teacher training course is for prenatal and postnatal yoga teachers / health visitors/midwives/ neonatal/nursery nurses/ doulas/ and physio/ physical therapists and
all other professionals working with or wishing to work with ‘THE FIRST 1001 CRITICAL DAYS’ from Conception to Mobility.
Childhood lasts a lifetime and the first 1001 critical days is recognised as being the time, during which, the foundations of physical, physiological and emotional health can be secured. A time when full support given to the mother and family can have such a huge impact upon the wellbeing of all.
This Course includes;
The Last Trimester and Early Weeks / Teaching For Pre and Postnatal teaching Promote Umbilical Reconnection and Emotional Intelligence. The foundations of secure mother and infant bonding and attachment. A loving touch, and secure holding.
Overall remedial touch techniques prior to massage to relieve intra- uterine and difficult birth experience, and infant separation anxiety. Relieve physiological flexion and promote safe tummy time with all its benefits. Align the baby’s spine and release the phrenic nerve to release the diaphragm and deepen respiration, improve digestive ease and infant disposition.
To maintain optimal parent child reciprocity. Emphasizing a loving touch, and a prompt response to the baby’s cues in communication. Assess joint flexibility, muscular strength and coordination, improve circulatory, respiratory rhythms, back strength and overall muscle tone, prior to mobility.
PRIMARY PREPARATION for Upright Posture and Balance, using gravity assisted techniques for stronger structural foundations, prior to Sitting and Standing.

Therapeutic Play to Encourage Centralized Posture and Movement Early intervention for those babies suffering from or diagnosed as having floppiness and/or stiffness as in Down and Prader Willi Syndromes, Cerebral Palsy Hydrocephalus and others.

CONTRA-INDICATIONS Safe Teaching. Tried and tested Baby Massage oils.
Peter Walker, has devoted the past forty years of his professional life to supporting mothers and babies. He is the only one who teaches his students and his course comes with forty years teaching experience.
Peter has authored ten books and he is accredited with being the first and the founder of baby massage being offered in all NHS childcare centers throughout the UK .
“Having worked many years in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, it is easy to wonder what the outcomes of some of the extremely premature and asphyxiated babies are – those that leave with the diagnosis of developmental delay. Watching one of Peter’s documentaries during our training gave me a sense hope. Peter channels years of Yoga practice as a wonderful addition to the practical side of his teaching”. Lori Boggan - Neo Natal Nurse
What's included:
A copy of the new edition of Peter’s book Baby Massage published will be supplied, plus detailed course notes for all delegates and session notes for parents You will also have access to a bi-monthly newsletter and post-course support.
You will need to have your own doll which can be purchased through Peter if required.
Peter Walker is accredited by the Federation of Prenatal Education (FEDANT) and Independent Professional Therapists International (IPTI)


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