Introducing Solid Foods – 22nd September 2021


Introducing Solid Foods
22nd September 2021, 9am to 12 online

Transitioning your baby onto solid foods is a fantastic milestone in your baby’s journey! In this 3 hour session, Nutritionist Kate Angotti shares advice on the practicalities of moving babies onto solids. The session discusses feeding challenges that may occur, how to identify the developmental signs that signal that your baby is ready to start solid food, advice on baby led weaning and responsive feeding and how to manage ongoing milk feeding.

The interactive session is online, with time for Q&As. All course attendees will be provided with a handout after the session.

Full course topics

  • Why we introduce solid foods
  • Developmental signs of readiness and evidence
  • Baby led weaning and responsive feeding
  • Preparing food safely
  • Feeding challenges
  • Supplements
  • Vegan weaning
  • Allergies – evidence for early introduction
  • Ongoing milk feeding
  • Cultural practices
  • Commercial baby foods / organic Milk feeding

Additional information


Couple (2 people), Individual (1 person)


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