Returning to Work

The Human Givens approach can be particularly helpful for parents returning to work after childbirth

by providing practical strategies and psychological support to manage stress , anxiety and overwhelm, discover ways to balance their new responsibilities and to find strategies to maintain their own emotional wellbeing.

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Here is how the Human Givens Approach can help and support you

By integrating these skills and strategies alongside a deeper understanding of our emotional needs and resources as human beings parents can navigate the challenges of returning to work with greater resilience and emotional equilibrium.

Meeting Emotional needs and accessing our resources

The Human Givens approach emphasises the importance of meeting our nine emotional needswhich include the need for attention, control and connection.

This practical framework around our emotional needs and resources can help parents to assess and ensure their needs are being met both at home and in the workplace which is crucial for mental health.

Managing Stress and Seeking Support

The Human Givens offers techniques for effective stress management such as controlled breathing and mindfulness, which can be particularly useful for managing the dual pressures of work and new parenthood.

The approach encourages parents to seek and accept support from colleagues, family and friends which can alleviate the feelings of being overwhelmed. Psychoeducation and understanding about how stress affects the brain can empower parents to take proactive steps to protect their mental health and enhance their decision making capabilities.

Focus on Skills and Strategies

We would focus on your innate skills ,strengths and experiences to help you boost your self esteem confidence and efficiency, both crucial when adapting to your evolving roles at home and/or at work.

Resource Visualisation

This approach encourages individuals to visualize successful outcomes and use their imagination constructively. Parents can be supported to visualise going for job interviews, or how their new daily routines might unfold, transitioning successfully and confidently between work and home. This can help to build confidence and reduce anxiety.

Setting Realistic Goals

We would work together on helping parents to set achievable goals regarding work and family life balance, thereby helping parents to avoid setting themselves up for failure with unrealistic expectations.

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Helping parents returning to work after childbirth by providing practical strategies and psychological support

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