Working with me

I know it can take a lot of courage to reach out for support from a counsellor or therapist, especially when you might be suffering with either poor mental health or behavioural patterns that could be negatively impacting your life.


That’s why I want you to have a clear understanding of what to expect, and I hope this will encourage you to take the next step and reach out for the support you need and deserve.

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What you can expect from working with me

Using the human givens approach enables me to:

  • Ensure you start to feel better immediately – as a human givens therapist, I don’t believe you have to feel worse before you can feel better
  • Set realistic and achievable goals for our work together
  • Offer practical techniques to help you deal with mental emotional distress, as well as physical symptoms and pain
  • Use knowledge from your past to help you move on, rather than dwelling on it endlessly
  • Deal swiftly with trauma using a technique that avoids you having to go into painful details about what happened
  • Teach you how to relax so you can deal with life’s challenges more effectively
  • Help you to gain an understanding of your resources and how to use and develop these resources
  • Agree on the best strategies for you to use and the opportunities for you to practise them between sessions
  • Help you to develop valuable life skills that will enable you to make changes and move on
  • I use recognised outcome measures to evaluate the effectiveness of our therapy. This will help both of us to keep track of your progress. However, using these measures is optional.

Got any questions?

You’re welcome to book a 15-minute phone call or online consultation before committing to a full, paid session, so that we can get to know one another, and I can answer any of your questions.

Booking a session with me

My aim as a human givens therapist is to help you in as few sessions as possible. Many people can be helped in 4-6 sessions, while others may benefit from more.

You’ll remain in control of the number of sessions you have, and there’s no need to commit to a series of sessions in advance.

Sessions can either last 60 or 90 minutes, but I recommend booking a 90-minute session for the first appointment, although that’s not essential.

Most subsequent sessions last an hour, and this will be mutually agreed with you prior to each appointment.

Sessions are available face to face at my private practice in north London, online or by phone, Monday to Friday 10am – 6pm, as well as some evenings and Saturday mornings by arrangement.

If you need to reschedule our appointment, please give at least 48 hours’ notice, so that no charge will be taken.


A one-hour session for an individual is £90

A 90-minute session is £120

Payment can be made by cash, card or online by using the online booking system.

Couple/family sessions: £140 for one hour

Student: £80 for one hour

* I also accept insurance payments from Aviva and Vitality please email for more information

Out of hours appointments

Out of hours sessions can be scheduled either early mornings from 7am or evenings until 9pm, as well as Saturday mornings.

The first session

Once you’ve booked your initial session, I’ll email you a client intake form, a contract agreement and assessment forms for completion. I need these emailed back to me at least 48 hours before the start time of our first session.

I’ll follow this up with an email including the Zoom link if you’ve chosen to work via Zoom. We can, of course, also work face to face or over the phone.

The first session will be an opportunity for us to meet each other – whether online or face to face – and review the documentation you’ve completed. And I’ll explore in further detail what brought you to seek help, your current situation, and your goals for therapy moving forward.

At the end of our first session, we’ll make a plan for how we can move forward, and I’ll email you confirmation of the next appointment we’ve agreed. I’ll then email you the invoice.

Future work together

Once we’ve completed our initial period of work together, I’ll send you a form for your feedback and review of our work together.

Clients are invited to recontact me any time in the future after their sessions have come to an end. I have previous clients who I meet on an ad-hoc or one-off basis, and you’re warmly invited to do the same.



Complete confidentiality will be maintained at all times, unless I consider that there’s a significant risk of harm to yourself or others.