Supporting Mental Health

MarvellousMammas believes strongly in support around mental health and wellbeing for parents at all stages of the journey. For some this support is important whilst they prepare to conceive, others during the pregnancy, and for others once the baby arrives.

Sadly for some parents, there will be issues of poor health, birth trauma, loss, disability, and illness to come to terms with. For other parents they maybe an extended stay in Nicu or invasive treatments to deal with.

We are here to hold you up in times of sadness and celebrate with you in times of joy. Christina offers counselling support from our private practice in Marylebone or via online meetings. She blends her considerable training in the field of mental health with her experience of supporting hundreds of parents through pregnancy, birth and beyond in London and around the world.

Christina is listed on the Birth Trauma website and is a therapist listed on the CHAT website.

Christina is a Member of the British Psychological Society, The Association of Infant Mental Health, and The Human Givens Institute.

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